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The Crafty Rat wants you to be 100% satisfied in your dealings with us.  If you are not satisfied, please
click HERE to contact The Crafty Rat and let us know.  Please include your order number, date order
was placed and the name the order was placed under when contacting us. We will do our best to make
things right.  As hard as it is to believe, some people can not be satisfied. The Crafty Rat reserves the
right to refuse orders for any reason and refund any money paid.

International Sales    (Back To Top)

The Crafty Rat only sells and ships within the 50 United States of America. We have found that the
shipping is so expensive to other countries, even Canada, that it makes our items bad deals. We
apologize for the inconvenience. However we have done some special orders to Canada. For
Canadian customers I only ship using Flat Rate and accept Paypal for those special orders. All
other shipping is just way to high to be economical.  Flat Rate shipping has a 20lb maximum
weight limit so we can not ship the 20lb multipak. Canadian customers please click HERE to
contact The Crafty Rat to place a special order for Flat Rate items. The current cost to Canada for
Flat Rate Priority shipping is the Large Flat Rate Box for $35.50 and the Medium Flat Rate Box for
$27.95 plus the cost of the items ordered. I also can ship the 5lb Combo Pack which ships in the
Medium Flat Rate Priority box.

Policy Violations    (Back To Top)

If you ever believe that The Crafty Rat has violated one of the following policies, please click HERE
to contact The Crafty Rat and let us know.   The original crafty rat may have been devious (see the
"Our Name" page), but this Crafty Rat wants to be recognized for its fairness, honesty, and integrity.

Privacy    (Back To Top)

The Crafty Rat will not use your subscription or customer information for anything other than to send you
site updates or process your order.  The Crafty Rat will not give your subscription or customer information
to anyone without specifically contacting you and asking for your permission.

The Crafty Rat may occasionally use e-mail or mailing addresses obtained from other sources such as
mailing lists, news groups, clubs, etc.  If your e-mail or mailing address is already on these lists, The
Crafty Rat will not automatically remove you just because you also deal with The Crafty Rat (see The

Crafty Rat's policy on spam, below).   However, if you are not already on the list , The Crafty Rat will not
add you based on your dealings with The Crafty Rat.

Please note that The Crafty Rat's internet service provider (ISP) keeps records such as the last web site
vistited by visitors to The Crafty Rat's web site, which pages were viewed at The Crafty Rat's web site,
the type of browser used, etc.   The Crafty Rat has nothing to do with this and, unfortunately, can't stop it.

Credit Cards    (Back To Top)

The Crafty Rat will not keep a record of your credit card number.  The web site uses encryption to keep
your credit card number safe during transactions and is set up so that The Crafty Rat can't see your credit
card number.  Although The Crafty Rat is trustworthy, we do not want to know your credit card number.

The Crafty Rat will not ask for your credit card number or other personal information unless
you are in the process of placing an order.  The Crafty Rat will not ask for your credit card
number to issue a refund or credit.
  The Crafty Rat does not need your number for these

Spam    (Back To Top)

The Crafty Rat hates spam.  The Crafty Rat will only contact you to let you know about sales on the site,
updates to the site (if you are a subscriber), to discuss the details of your order (if you are a customer),
or with information related to small animals that we think you will find valuable (but only if you have
previously shown an interest in such information by joining a related mailing list, news group, club, etc.). 
If you ever receive something that you consider spam from The Crafty Rat,  please click HERE
to contact The Crafty Rat and let us know .  We will remove your name from our list(s) so that it won't
happen again.  However, if you receive  spam that is not about The Crafty Rat or small animals,
please just delete it. That spam is not from, or authorized by, The Crafty Rat.

Spammers not related to The Crafty Rat have been using The Crafty Rat's domain name as their return
e-mail address.  Using a fake return address is a spammer trick to prevent spam being returned to them
if the e-mail address is invalid.  Spammers use the e-mail addresses from many companies and change
them on a regular basis.  The Crafty Rat does not allow anyone else to use our name or e-mail address
 And, we do not send out e-mails about male enhancement, meeting women, stock tips, home loans,
cheap drugs, etc.  If you receive spam that is not about The Crafty Rat or small animals, please just
delete it.  Please don't send it to us.  We already know about it because we have received the returns
with bad e-mail address.

Liability    (Back To Top)

The Crafty Rat limits its liability for its products, adoptions, downloads, and the information disseminated
through its web site to the amount of money you paid to The Crafty Rat for the item in question.

Guarantee / Returns  (Back To Top)

The Crafty Rat guarantees all products sold on its web site.  Items may be returned for any reason and
you are entitled to refunds for the cost of the item and the shipping charges.  Unless specifically waived
by The Crafty Rat, item(s) must be returned to The Crafty Rat before exchanges, refunds or credits will
be issued.  

Plese email us to let us know that you are wanting to make a return/exchange and the reason for the
return/exchange. The Crafty Rat will then issue a return authorization shipping label to you. Please do
not return a shipment without first contacting us by email for a return authorization shipping
label.  A refund, credit or exchange will be issued once we receive the returned order.  

Adoptions - The Crafty Rat Rattery & Rescue Rats   (Back To Top)

The Crafty Rat's liability for animals adopted from The Crafty Rat is limited to the amount of money you
paid for the animal. The Crafty Rat is not liable for damage, injuries, medical bills to yourself and other
members that may reside with you, or other problems arising from the adoption of live animals (such as
visits to the veterinarian, medications or treatment for the animal).  If you are ever unhappy with an animal
adoption from The Crafty Rat, please give The Crafty Rat an opportunity to take the animal back or to
choose another animal that may be a better match for you and your family before taking other action such
as surrendering it to a humane society, adopting to another party, euthanizing it, or abandoning it. The
Crafty Rat will always take back any animal that is adopted from them at anytime during the adopted
animal's lifetime.

Copyright    (Back To Top)

The Crafty Rat will not knowingly use copyrighted materials illegally.  And, The Crafty Rat will strive to give
credit wherever it is due.  The Crafty Rat hopes you will do the same. If you see a photo on our site that
you would like to use just ask us for permission to use it. In most cases we will gladly give our permission
as long as proper credit is given. If you find something being used illegally or not properly credited on The
Crafty Rat's site, please click HERE and let The Crafty Rat know about it.

Shipping  Policy  (Back To Top)

When shipping Priority or UPS, a notice is emailed to customers from the USPS & UPS service where
I do my on line shipping labels that their order is pending shipping along with the tracking information.
There is no tracking included when shipping Parcel Post. Items ordered by Priority or UPS will not
neccesarily be delivered within the estimated transit time from the time the order was placed but
should arrive within the estimated transit time of when the order was SHIPPED. Orders are shipped
in the same order that I recieve them.

Please allow enough time for processing and shipping your order so you do not run short on your pet
supplies for your pet rodents. I do my very best to ship in a timely manner but when I get a large number of
orders coming in my turn around time will take longer. Please plan ahead as I am not responsible for your
running out of your pet supplies. When placing a order if you find on occasion that you have run short or
need something shipped right away. Please email me on the same day that you have placed your order
to let me know of your situation. Please include the following information as this will assist me with your
order. I will need the following the name and email listed on the order form and your order number,
(IMPORTANT as I will need this information to be able to quickly pull up your order). Order numbers are
listed on your email confirmation that you receive when placing a order. If I have everything in stock I will
do my very best to get it out as soon as possible for you. Please keep in mind that when ordering
hammocks that I may need a day to sew them as I keep only a few at a time in stock.
Please click HERE to contact The Crafty Rat

Please note we are closed on the weekends my last shipping time for the week goes out on Friday. Cut
off time on Friday is noon, west coast time. Orders placed after that time on Friday and over the weekend
are shipped starting on the following Tuesday. My shipping days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday,
closed weekends. I ship orders in the same order as I receive them. Please remember that I receive a
large number of orders over the weekend and my turn around time may take longer for those orders
placed during that time as I work to pack them up. I do try to keep my hammocks in stock but sell out fast
and often make them to order so keep in mind that will also add to the turn around time.

I post my shipping times on my website's home page and on my facebook page with updating this
infomation every couple of days. Customer's can check these two places to see where I am at on
shipping times. I also will post general information such as if I am waiting for my Harlan order or making
another batch of my Linda's mix or sewing more hammocks.

A couple of times during the year The Crafty Rat goes on trips and the store is closed during our away
time. However orders can still be placed during this time but will not ship until we are back from our trip
and the store is open again. Advance notice is posted on the home page of the web site to let our
customers know about the upcoming dates of our away times and when shipping will resume. Please
note that we often recieve a large number of orders during these away times and shipping times may
take longer due to the volume of orders and the time needed for me to process them.  We ask that our
cutomers please be patient while I work to ship their orders out to them in a timely manner. 

About Flat Rate Priority Shipping, Checkout and Shipping charges:
Value Pack, Multipak and Combo Pack products are packaged in zip-locked bags and shipped in
Priority Flat Rate boxes. They are designed to fill the entire box with rodent blocks/mix with no extra room
for other items to fit in the same shipping box. (Except in the case when shipping single 5lb bags, there is
some room for other items and if other items are ordered at the same time adjustments in shipping cost
are made if everything ordered can fit in the same Flat Rate box).

I have four Flat Rate Priority shipping boxes that I use to ship my Flat Rate items in. Each Value Pack,
Multipak and Combo Pack are shipped in a separate box from other products purchased at the same
time. At checkout, you will see a Flat Rate Shipping charge based on the number of Value Packs,
Multipaks or Combo Packs purchased. If ordering other items that do not ship Flat Rate you will also
need to choose another shipping method for those items as they will be shipped in a separate box to
complete your order. We also ship at this time Parcel Post, Priority and UPS. At check out you will then
see two shipping charges. One for each Flat Rate item ordered and one for the combined weight of
other items ordered (i.e., the items that are not Value Packs, Multipaks and Combo Packs).

Value Packs, Multipaks and Combo Packs are designed to save you money in two ways the cost of the
item in bulk is cheaper per a pound and the over all shipping cost is reduced substantially and can save
you up to half the cost of standard shipping methods depending on your location.

Please Note:  S hipping rates quoted apply only to the United States (including Alaska and
Hawaii). (Sorry no international overseas orders at this time).

I do ship to Canada:
By way of First Class, for small items or by Priority Flat Rate. I only accept Paypal for special orders.

Canadian Customers:
please email me using the "CONTACT US" button to place a special order and a shipping quote. I also
can ship some of the Combo Packs that weigh under 20lbs, (the maximum weight allowance). Please
 note I can not ship my 20lb Multipak as it exceeds the total weight limit.

Large Flat Rate box - $52.95
(box size - 12" x 12" x 5-1/2", weight limit 20lbs)
Medium Flat Rate Box - $40.15
(two box sizes - 11" x 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" or 11 7/8" x 3-3/8" x 13-5/8", 2Olb weight limit)
Small Flat Rate Box - $19.50
(box size - 5-3/8" x 8-5/8" x 1-5/8", weight limit 4lbs)
First Class is only for small items, cost is based on total weight of package

Costs of items are in addition to the shipping cost listed above. Please see individual item
description for price of each item.

Canadian customers please click HERE to contact The Crafty Rat  to place a
 special order for Flat Rate items

All Orders: I check every order to see if I can fit the order in any of the four USPS Flat Rate and
Regional Rate Priority shipping boxes in order to ship at the best rate that I can offer. I then refund any
savings back to the customer's account.  This way my customers get the best shipping rate for their
order. However if you need your order to be shipped by UPS please send me a email along
with your  order number 
to let me know and I will ship the order the specified way. 
Please click HERE to   contact The Crafty Rat  .

Lost orders: If a order has been declared lost during shipping we will replace that order at our cost as
soon as we are notified by the customer that there is a problem with their order and that it has not been
received yet. No additional charge to the customer for replacement orders. If you believe your order to be
lost in shipment please contact us  HERE to contact The Crafty Rat and let us know .  Please include your
order number, date order was placed and the name the order was placed under when contacting us. We
will do our best to make things right. 

The Crafty Rat is a home based business run by a solo Rat Enthusiast, thats me Linda Bradley in support
of  "ALL RAT COMMUNITIES".   We are located on the west coast in Morgan Hill California, 95037.
The Crafty Rat makes every effort to ship orders in a timely manner.

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