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Diamond Dry Bedding - Factory Bag 20lb

Diamond Dry Bedding - Factory Bag 20lbQuantity in Basket: none
Code: FBB-004

Shipping Weight: 24.00 pounds

Diamond Dry Bedding/Litter - Factory Bag 20lb

Diamond Dry is a premium, bright white contact bedding material made from pure cellulose paper.
Highly defined and highly absorbent, the bright white tiny square shaped color aids in observation of
discharges. The overall dust content is very low for a refined white paper material, and the bedding is
also very absorbent, helping to minimize ammonia levels. The fluffier nature of this paper material
allows for significantly more nesting than with traditional wood chip or corn cob bedding materials.

* Highly defined raw materials
* Premium, white color
* Ease of observations for health monitoring
* Superior comfort and absorbency
* Promotes nesting
* Ammonia control

Each bag ordered is shipped in it's own separate box due to size and weight.