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Run-Around Wheel - Giant 11-inch Exercise Wheel

Run-Around Wheel - Giant 11-inch Exercise WheelQuantity in Basket: none
Code: AC-003

Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Run-Around Wheel - Giant 11-inch Exercise Wheel

This light weight wheel is perfectly sized for pet rats.

Rats like to run really fast on their wheels and love that they can
reach invisibility speeds on this light weight wheel.

(Invisibility: when they become a blur as they run real fast in the wheel)

Each wheel is covered in durable, pet-safe coating making them
easy to wash and rust resistant.

Run-Around Wheels feature "tail-safe" and "E-Z" exit design and
have hooks at the top of the frame making them easy to hang in
most cages. (May need additional hooks to use in cage with large
bars, works well with the Martin's cages).

They have a safe mesh running board which provides an even
running surface and is easy on small pets' feet.

This wheel is an excellent activity for your small pets and helps to
keep their bodies well toned.

Color: Assorted colors, we will choose one for you.

Care: Use food grade safe vegetable oil on contact areas.
Easy clean up with soap and water, rinse well and allow to dry
before replacing in cage.

Shipped in separate box by USPS Priority Mail

Recommended: Suitable for most pet rats, and rodents of
similar size. If you have a very large rat then you may consider
getting the Wobust Wodent Wheel which is our largest wheel.

May not be suitable for larger rodents that use a exercise wheel.

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