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Green Mush is Back in Stock, Trial Size, 5oz & 10oz

Current Update 02/08/16

Working on orders from 02/05 - 02/06

Waiting on some ingredients for my Linda's Mix 
to come in as I will be making another batch next
Wednesday when everything should be in.

Please note: 8604 & 8640 rodent block formula are currently out of stock
General Store News

I had hoped to have the new site ready to go but
have run into a few glitches with the new program.

 Unfortunately this means a call into tech support and they
 are only open during the week and not on the weekends.

Mean while I have put the old store back up
so that customers can place their orders.

I thank everyone for their patience until
 I can get the new site working correctly. 
Shipping Updates

Orders from 02/03 - 02/04 have shipped
Orders from 02/01 - 02/02 have shipped

(please scroll down for "Past Updates" list with more shipping information)
Please Check Back Often for Current Updates and Shipping Times.
Order Status and Shipping Times are Updated Every Couple Of Days.
Past Updates

Store reopened on 02/01
01/28/16 - All orders have shipped the store will reopen on 02/01

Shipping My Normal Shipping Days are Tuesday, Thursday,
and Friday. I am Closed Weekends, Unless Otherwise Noted.

Orders ship out in the same order as I receive them

Please Check Back Often for Current Updates and Shipping Times.
Order Status and Shipping Times are Updated Every Couple Of Days.

When inquiring about a order please include the following information
1. Order number, 2. Name on order, 3. Date order was placed

Thank you For Shopping At The Crafty Rat
Orders to Canada

Special orders to Canada
are done through PayPal Only

shipped mostly
by USPS International Priority Flat Rate
and regular USPS Priority and First Class for small items.

To place a special order using PayPal Only to Canada
 or to receive a price/shipping quote.

Please send a email through the "Contact Us" button.
or Click HERE
Please Note: You will not be able to place a order to Canada
online through the website.
Please email me to place the order
 even if you are shipping to a USA address.
My website is only
 set up to accept USA addresses and USA billing information.

You will find the current USPS Flat Rate Priority shipping prices
 to Canada listed in the “Flat Rate” section on the website.

(Sorry no international overseas orders at this time)

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Order a little or a lot we have a size that fits your needs.
 Sampler Pack, 2lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs, & 20lbs

Three formulas - 2014   2016   2018

 Two formulas - 8604   8640

Find Harlan Teklad Rodent Blocks listed in two sections, 
in the "Foods" & "Flat Rate" sections along with other Food Packs
(there are 4 pages of items listed in each section)

inda's Premium Organic Rodent Mix -  No Soy or Corn
All Human Grade Ingredients, (except for the vegetarian dog kibble)
Loved by Rats, enjoyed by Mice, Hamsters, Squirrels and other rodents.
Serve as a treat mix or a supplement to their daily diet.

Our "Categories" section for a complete listing of all the
great items we offer the Rat Community

Special Food Packs are listed in our "Flat Rate" section with the Red Star 
Value Packs, Combo Packs and Multipaks with Special shipping

Other single packs of food
that ship with other shipping choices can
be found in our
"Foods" section with the
Green Star

Visit The Crafty Rat's web store by clicking

Email me  -  Monday through Friday afternoon, Pacific Standard Time,
during normal business hours. In most cases I reply back same day to
within 24 hours of your inquiries. Weekend inquiries will be returned
 the following Monday & Tuesday. Normal shipping days are
 Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. I am closed weekends. 

For Questions and Comments - Click
HERE to E-Mail The Crafty Rat .
Please be patient, it might take a minute or two for your computer to
 bring up the e-mail form.

Please Note: Order Status and Shipping Times are posted above
  in my current updates on my Homepage.

 My shipping Days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, (closed weekends).
Orders are shipped in the same order as I receive them.

Special orders to Canada are done through PayPal Only and shipped
by USPS Priority, Flat Rate Priority & First Class for small items.
To place a special order to Canada or to receive a shipping quote on items.
Please send a email through the question/comments, (listed above or 
by the "Contact Us" button on the shopping page).

USPS Flat Rate Priority Shipping prices to Canada are listed in the
"Flat Rate" section. (Sorry no international overseas orders at this time)  


A Home-Based Business run by "ONE RAT ENTHUSIAST"
Located in Morgan Hill, CA. 95037
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